Setting the standard with BridgeTrust

For some title and settlement agents, the increasingly stringent regulatory environment over the past several years may have required a dramatically revised playbook with major adjustments to policies and practices. At BridgeTrust Title Group, however, we have maintained high standards for years, and meet or exceed the standards for all of ALTA's established best practices.

Our professional liability ("errors and omissions") and fidelity insurance coverage exceed customary requirements, and include cyber-security protection. We also require evidence of sufficient errors and omissions insurance and licensure (where applicable) from all vendors that we work with. 

As a result of our corporate structure, we also have tamper-proof escrow disbursement controls, and undergo market conduct audits every year. In addition to corporate audits, as well as multiple audits by our underwriters every year, we also perform internal underwriting, settlement and operations audits each quarter to ensure that our underwriting quality, operational efficiency and customer service remain unparalleled. 

You can be confident we are working to ensure compliance with current and future regulatory rulings as they relate to title and settlement services. Most importantly, we will continue to deliver a level of service that broadens your fan base and builds your reputation.